Price of Nokia Lumia 920 in the Asian markets

nokia lumia 920 price Price of Nokia Lumia 920 in the Asian markets

Today we are going to share the price of Nokia Lumia 920 in the Asian market. The keep in mind is that, these prices may differ from market to market and place to place. Taxes are the next factor which could be a cause of different prices in different countries. Let us take a look on the price of this device. It is a one of very interesting phones of which peoples were demanding. It has appeared in the Asian now and available to purchase.

As we told earlier that Nokia Lumia 920 is an interesting device from the Finish Company. They worked very hard to make it perfect for the user as this device has to compete with the HTC device. HTC is a big competitor of Finish Company and especially in the Chinese markets. Yesterday two prices came from the house of HTC for the HTC 8 X for 599 Euros while the HTC 8 S for 319 Euros. This device will be available from the November 2012 and company did not hesitate to reveal their prices.

Nokia came with this device in the month of September but we did not get any prices from them. The prices of Nokia devices could be negotiable with the operators. It sounded very good when we got the news about a new Windows Phone 8. If some company release a good device it should also share the price and exact dates of availability in the market. Nothing was cleared about the price of Lumia 920 in the markets.

From the City of Hong Kong we have got some leaked information about the price of Lumia 920. We are going to share it with you right after this.

Taobao is one of the Biggest Chinese online stores. Taobao is going to offer this device at the price of 3,999 Hong Kong $ which is equal to 512 US $. Wireless charger and other accessories package of this phone will be available at 700 $. Some info about the Lumia 820 says that its prices will be less then this phone. The above phone could reach a price of 600 Euros to the 700 Euros after the taxes.

It is very hard to define that why there is no news from the Nokia about the prices of its newly launched devices. On the other hands HTC officially told the price of it’s newly released devices. HTC has the excellent specs and beautifully designed mobile phones.

 Price of Nokia Lumia 920 in the Asian markets

But it is good news that Nokia Lumia 920 is listed in the market of the China. The Chinese were complaining about the high price of last Microsoft phone. Peoples may get excited after learning that catalogues now included the upcoming Windows Phone 8 for them. Other exciting thing to watch is the competition between the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, HTC devices and the WP 8.

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