Ufone Uth Package is changed here is new one

uth package Ufone Uth Package is changed here is new one

Ufone introduced a package which was dedicated to the Youth of Pakistan. That package was started for a limited time of period but its popularity became the reason that Ufone Uth package is continued from a long time. In the Uth package, Ufone offered many amazing services at very low charges. Youth was targeted in this package so all the feature of Uth Package were planned according to will and requirement of the Youth. SMS bundle, SMS, MMS, GPRS and call charges of the Uth Package remained so attractive in the Past.

Uth package could be activated on both the prepaid and post paid numbers. The activation charges are Rs. 15 excluding taxes. Afterwards Ufone charge Re. 1 excluding taxes on daily basis. From the start of the Uth package Ufone made the call free after two minutes but today Ufone published and advertisement on all the major news papers about the change of plan. The advertisement was published on some inside pages and the add was black and white where Ufone describes that from now on the call from the Uth Package will be free after three minutes. So Ufone add an extra minute in the Uth Package which means call charges of Uth Package also increased silently by the company.

This offer is valid for 24 hours a day and these free calls are applicable for Ufone to Ufone calls only and normal rates to be applied on other networks. Maximum duration is set to be one hour for each call. Problem which normally occurs with Ufone is the service quality. Many of Ufone users experienced the call drop issue while talking on the Ufone. Drop of the call means make the call again and pay for it again. Rare chances are there that single call reaches to the duration of one hour. 5 friends and family members could be added in Uth package like other Ufone packages.

Here is the Ufone Uth Package plan for prepaid customers:

uth package for pre paid Ufone Uth Package is changed here is new one

Ufone Uth Package plan for post paid customers:

uth package for post paid Ufone Uth Package is changed here is new one

*Note the call is free after 3rd minute from Ufone to Ufone here. It will be applicable from 21st of the June, 2012.

*To unsubscribe from Uth package simply write “UNSUB” and send it to 8612.

SMS Bundle offer for Uth Package:

uth packge sms bundle Ufone Uth Package is changed here is new one

Paper add where Ufone changed the Uth Package Plan:

uth package add 183x300 Ufone Uth Package is changed here is new one

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