Viber for Windows mobile, Symbian Belle, S40 and S60 of Nokia

viber for windows devices Viber for Windows mobile, Symbian Belle, S40 and S60 of Nokia

There is clear indication for the new Viber application. Viber for Windows mobile is ready and in a very short time it will be available for download. It will also compatible with the Symbian Belle of Nokia with the S40 and S60 series phones. The developer of this application announced it officially and showed their intention for the Nokia phones of different series.

From a famous social networking site the Twitter the developers gave the statement about this Viber for Windows mobile, Symbian Belle, and S40 and S60 device. On the other hands they did not clear about its availability for the other devices operating systems. For example we do not know about its compatibility with the Android, iOS and BlackBerry etc. Currently Nokia devices are the lucky first one to receive it.

Currently its old version 2.1.0 is available in the market but it is said that it is incomplete and need some improvements. Viber for Windows mobile and other Nokia devices could be in front of us within next 24 hours. Let us wait and watch that how many improvements were made in this later version. We will come with its latest version soon. You too get ready to receive this new version for your Nokia devices and also share your experience with us.

viber for windows nokia Viber for Windows mobile, Symbian Belle, S40 and S60 of Nokia

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