How to Activate Warid Caller Tunes

warid caller tunes 300x129 How to Activate Warid Caller Tunes

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The “tone tone” and “tring tring” tradition is over now. Now you can greet your callers before attending the call through Warid caller tunes. The Warid caller tunes is the best way to say something to the caller before taking the call with that the person calling to you may not get bore. Now you can chose many tunes for your listeners. Almost all type of music is available in Warid caller tunes. You could select on tune for every caller or separate tunes for all of them. You may select the caller tunes from top collection of Waridtel Pakistan. All kinds of Top, Islamic, Pakistani, Indian and western collection is available to choose.

You may activate Warid caller tunes through a phone call, SMS or through Warid’s website. To activate this service call to 105 and it will charge you Rs. 5 without Tax for a minute. If you want to get it by SMS than write “RBT On” and send it to 7171 it will cost you Rs. 12 + Tax. You could activate it through Warid website. It will cost you same as SMS. Soon after you request the company will send you a confirmation message and you have done. To get the detail and code of any tone please visit

To deactivate the Warid caller tunes call to 105 or write “RBT Off” and send it to the 7171 it will again cost you a little. One can deactivate it through Warid’s website. To get top tunes write “TOP Tunes” and send it to 7171 and you will the codes for to 5 caller tunes. The monthly charges for this service are Rs. 10 without taxes.

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